2014 Ammo Restrictions

Ammunition Restrictions:


18 and over for Rifle ammunition and 21 and over for Pistol ammunition:

Please email proof of age to customerservice@eliteammunition.com


USPS Shipping on ammunition has been against Federal Law since 1968. Choosing this option will result in your order to be cancelled immediately and refunded the next available business day. FEDEX Ground ONLY


If more than one order or more than one box of 5.7x28mm ammunition is bought by a customer in a 24 hour period will cause your order(s) to be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY.


Placing an order from any of the following states will cause your orders to be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY:





New York


We cannot accept orders from Washington, D.C. this will cause your orders to be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY.


We cannot ship to and will cause your order(s)to be CANCELLED IMMEDIATELY:

California: Los Angeles, Oakland, Sacramento or San Francisco

Illinois: Chicago or Cook County


The follow Customers MUST provide the following before your order ships

Connecticut:  Proper firearms identifications and State or Drivers License

Illinois: Proper firearms identifications and State or Drivers License

New Jersey: Proper firearms identifications and State or Drivers License

Please email your proper identification to customerservice@eliteammunition.com along with your order number.


All orders that are cancelled imediately will be fully refunded after 11:30 A.M. the next business day (Monday through Friday). With the ENCRYPTION we have for our website we only see the last 4 digits of your card so we cannot add charges or products to the order and this is why they are completely cancelled and refunded.


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